Basic Filtration

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Basic Filtration

There are so many types of basic filtration as well as Seperation Procedures availabel in the industry which are widely used for Removal of un-wanted particles (contamination) like :
  • Centrifuge
  • Continous Vacuum Filter
  • Disc type Knife Filter
  • Filter Press
  • Contridge Filter (Micro Filtration)
  • Dialysis
  • Electro Dialysis
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra Filtration / Neno Filtration System

Basic Difference between Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration & R.O :

  0.0001mm           0.001mm                           0.2mm                                    10mm*

    1A0   <----------->   10A0    <--------------->    200A0     < ----------------->  100,000A0

                   Reverse                                            Ultra                                      Microfiltration
Osmosis                                        Filtration

  • mm – Micron
  • Smallest Pencil Dot which is about 40mm.
  • Relative Comparison
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Suspended Particles within the range of 0.2 mm to 100 or 150 mmwhich are the removing through Filtration process is normally known as Micro Filtration or Cartridge Filter. In the picture, there is Pressure Filter shown in the picture.

There is high pressure in the housings when Pressurized Fluid arrived, so it is passing through the Cartridge. Here in the Cartridge, the oroginal Filtration done and the contamination are separeted and remains in the cartidges. in the end of this process, clear fluid comes out and stored in the center of the cartridge. This Clean Fluid is the output of the system.

It is very important to monitor the filter for Pressure Difference. Generally, If Cartridge is clean, so the pressure of Clean cartridge is always minimum. Clean cartridge has very much contaminated and Pressure Drop will increase gradually in clean cartridges. For 2.5 or 3 Kg/cm2 g Pressure Drop, we must change the cartridge in the case of re-usable cartridge.

We must mixed up more than one cartridges in just one housing for High Flow Rate.


Depending on filter media We can provide different types of Cartriges which we can classify in the Filter Cartridges as Depth or Surface Filter. They Filter Cartridges are available in different materials like, Polypropylene, Cotton, Cellulose, Glass-fibre, Nylon, PTFE, PES, Ceramic, S.S. Screen, Sintered S.S. or Bronze and many more.

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Polypropylene Spun Filter


In the design of the Surface Filter, Filter media and its pores are in the same 'Plane' i.e. Screen or Surface. This type of filter is shown in the picture here.

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In the design of the Depth Filter, Filter media and its pores are uniformly distributed throughout the whole Thickness of the medium. in this medium, all Particles are stopped in the upstream surface and within the medium.

Resin-Bonded Filter Cartridge


We manufacturer various types of cartridges. We also avaliable cartridges as per International Standard in 10", 20", 30" and 40" length Cylinders. inner diameter of the Cartridge is aprox 25 mm and outer diameter of the Cartridge is approx 70mm. Cartridge are available in various types of end connections like Double Open End - "RF Style, Double Open end with Gasket, Code -7 type, Code -9 type. Cartridges are normally classified as per their pleated or depth type.


Our Pleated Cartridges contains filter media in pleated form. this pleated filter media is used to cover maximum surface area. This media is also mainly Pleated on Perforated Core. This is supported with every media. this other media is available to give minimum pressure drop and also provide good strength to the cartridge. Thereris also provide outer cage, which is widely used for giving good mechanical strength to the cartridge.

Most of all filter elements have guaranteed of removing efficiency is from Pleated Polymer Cartridges. WE offer a wide range of cartridges such as Paper, S.S. wire-mesh, polypropylene, Nylon - N66, Polyethersulfone, Fluropolymer, Glassfibre or PTFE material pleated filter cartridges which are widely used in various industries.


There are many cartridges available of the type of Depth Cartridges. some of them as under, Polypropylene, Cotton, Nylone, Cellulose, Ceramic,Sintered S.S. & Sintered Bronze media are available in depth type cartridges. There are many manufacturers which are able to make graded pore structure of depth media. This depth media is one of the efficient filtration because it has proper pore distribution.

As in the picture shown here, there is the cross section of graded pore structure cartridges, the bigger particles are situated on the most outer surface of the cartridge and also situated on the most upper layer of the cartridges. and the smaller particles are situated in the inner surface and very small particles are situated in the most inner layer of the cartridge. so the filtration process is very economical.

Graded pore structure depth filter cartridge are very good pre-filer because it traps bigger particles.

Self Cleaning Filter
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Below features which are considered for selection of the filter :

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  • Fluid must be Filtered
  • Flow Rate
  • Filtration Rating (Micron - Cut off)
  • Operating Pressure
  • Operating Temperature
  • Viscosity of Fluid
  • Filter Material
  • Load of Suspended Particles
  • Continuous or Batch Process - Batch size
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